Mix N Match Perfumed Body Splash

8 oz for $19.95 and 2 for $29.95

Department store perfumes are a combination of up to a hundred or more chemical fragrance oils, chemicals, and one or more essential oils; perhaps that is why so many people are allergic to them. Now, you can create your own exotic blends or choose a single note for the full aroma of your favorite essence. In perfumery, there are base notes, middle notes and top notes with the latter being the most volatile; hence why a perfume doesn’t smell the same later in the day.

Let me know 1) The medium (cream, bubbles or bath oil); 2) Which essence should be dominant, and 3) Which of the following (up to three) single notes will go in your creation. Refer to the Feminine and Masculine Essential Oils List - Click Here.

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Mix N Match Perfumed Body Splash

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